Microsoft Edge App Reviews

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so great

I likethis one

Trust more than Chrome for browsing

I’m tired of “pop up” hacks and hi- jacked pages I experience surfing with google chrome.

Good browser but laggy at times

Only issue is the delay in flipping windows in the “my account” section

A browser that makes sense!

Easy to navigate and has intuitive controls. Not in your face with fancy “features” you don’t need.

Navigating back a page is slow

I’ve been using this browser a lot and for the most part it works fine. The only bad thing I’ve seen is when trying to navigate back to a previous page. It is extremely slow in doing this and can be frustrating. If they fixed that then I would recommend this to others.

Edges out the Rest

Like a breath of fresh air. Great integration with Edge on my Win10 laptop (also great). Excellent replacement for the built in Safari.



Forced me to install this for “continue on pc”

Which is not related at all


Easy to use

Privacy issues, high battery usage, bad content, limited availability

Good browser in terms of speed, password syncing with Windows, continue on pc functionality. However six things are a bummer: - high battery usage - can’t use an adblocking / tracker blocking plugin - includes content or other ad- and clickbait-infested “news” feed as new tab content (gives the dirty taste of tabloid journalism) - can’t set DuckDuckGo as search engine - can’t use certificates stored in the device for client certificate authentication - not available in the Netherlands

Favorite browser

It’s the best!

Very good


I love Edge browser

This browser is my daily driver on my windows 10 pc and I’m glad that there is an app version for my IOS , it’s incredible

Please add Duck Duck Go!

Great browser for iOS. The interface is refreshing and works quickly. It’s as much a joy to use as it is on PC. Only thing that’s holding back a 5-star review is the lack of additional search engine support. I would like to be able to set Duck Duck Go as default. Currently only Bing and Google are allowed.

Great browser

Great to have a familiar user experience from laptop to ipad.

Love this app

Once I log in I have all my bookmarks across all devices. Works great!

I like it

I have been using MS Edge on my laptop for sometime. I really like it. It is easy to use and to find what you are looking. At first I thought I wasn’t going to keep it - there were flaws. But I hung in there and now it is hard to find a flaw. I am trying to get used to the iPad version.


This is a nice app and has computer mode but it would be nice to have more flash and to play games or a full screen mode

Not for blind / VIP users

If you are a blind or visually impaired user, don’t waste your time with this browser. It is not compatible with voiceover on iPhone, and still not compatible with JAWS on the PC.

Works great

Very happy with edge

I love Microsoft

The older I’ve become and the more I’ve grown my businesses, the more I turn to Microsoft. I’ve had nothing but phenomenal service and reliability from the Microsoft product line. “Continue on PC” is a feature I use constantly every single day and Edge is the fastest browser on all of our computers bar none.

Edge review

I really like the feel and how easy it is to use. I use Edge on my desktop unit and moving to using it on my iPad Pro. I have used Microsoft software for years, Edge on the iPad just gives me a real comfort and a confidence you just don’t get usually when starting to use a new piece of software.

Best iPhone browser hands down

Best iPhone browser on the market.


Awful in every way. Give it a shot as your primary browser!

Top notch.

I really enjoy Edge. The way it is organized is intuitive.


Kullandığım en iyi tarayıcı tek eksik Türkçe dil desteği. Turkish language.

How to

I would like to know how I can start something on my iPhone and pick it up on my desktop computer I can only find my laptop how do you add another computer ?

Bing Quizzes Buggy

All around good browser. Only complaint is the problems with Bing Rewards drag and drop quizzes. Scrolls page up and down simultaneously will moving answer abs doesn't place them correctly. Minor gripe.

My unified life

I work on a Windows machine and use Edge regularly. It's great to have the consistency continue when on my mobile device.


Hard to sign in or I’m stupid.



Love it


Works great

Works great. Wish I could make it default browser on iPhone

Great way to browse

Edge is a great way to browse the internet on my phone the switch to my computer. I have really enjoyed it!

Awesome with minor flaw

Love everything about it except it’s not good on cellular data connections when searching through the interface as it queries and freezes the UI after each character entered. On faster connections the UI freezing isn’t noticeable. Haven’t seen this bad of UI freezing during input since the Windows 3.1 days.

Love all Microsoft products many Xbox 1,2,3

Just need noADS on Microsoft 🌐 and really wish for a Full custom Microsoft keyboard a LOT of options to customization the keyboard such as Fonts deep deep customizations for the keyboard more customizable fonts and more daily updates I even have my original Xbox The very 1 still in my closet it been broken for at lest 12 years as much as I am a nerd at heart ♥️ for collecting all thing gaming I only gave this a 🌟⭐️🌟⭐️🌟 Also want to see my 1gen Xbox fixed if Microsoft should really 🤔 think 💭 about the old generation and so much money went to 1gen Xbox turning the century AKA 2020 ‘common ERA ‘ looking back I wish prince of Persia warrior within was on the Xbox one 🖖🤑😱🤩🤓😍😘🖤💚💙💙

Fast and capable

Quick and fast to load. Compatible with most websites. Look and feel just like Windows 10 version. Love it so far

Extremely Useful and User-friendly.

Greatly useful and easy to use simultaneously.


Love the app!

Simply great.

Title says it all. I gave up on Chome for iPad because it too often does not let you pinch and zoom

Drains Battery!

I was using the Bing app, but when my phone recommended the Edge app I switched, only now when I use Edge by battery drains much faster!! I love the feature of being able to send my tabs to my computer but unless you fix the battery draining issue this app is unusable!!

Best mobile browser

Syncs seamlessly with the desktop version. Fast and responsive

Mobile Edge Browser

Not very stable on iPhone 6. Won’t stay opened if it opens at all. My phone is cleaned up & fine tuned to the limit for smooth operation but this app is a headache to use! Pc version works fine all except the syncing!

Needs some bug fixes

Edge is a decent browser but going back by pushing the back button or swiping is completely broken. It either takes a really long time or freezes up entirely. This is a very basic function that needs to be fixed.


Won’t edge play to my pc. No. Edge did share websites to my pc. Wonderful windows 10

Too hard to use for bing rewards

Bing rewards hard to use on mobile. I keep having to scroll back to where I left off.

Best browser on iOS!

Love the UI and it does what expect it do and more.

Best browser in App Store but not perfect

This is the best browser available on the iPhone. I love the speed, stability, and fresh layout. Would like to see 1. Move address bar to bottom of screen near keyboard. Edge allows this on other platforms why not iPhone? 2. Extension library including Adblock 3. Sync tabs across devices

Evil corporate

It’s so clear I paid for the phone, but you own it.

Good browser

Love it, in Microsoft I trust

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