Microsoft Edge App Reviews

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Keeps clearing tabs without my consent

I loved it at first. Far faster than Safari. Lately, I open it and all my open tabs are gone. Very disappointing to have that happen with no obvious way to revive them.

Love it

I love this app so much better


La verdad todo lo que necesito para tener todo vinculado a mi Pc. FELICITACIONES A los desarrolladores!!!

Great browser for mobile

I think the browser is still a bit lacking in the native Windows 10 platform, but it performs quite well on the mobile where you don't expect a lot of add-ins to work anyway.

Edge Developers stop sp am ming

You're misusing the feedback and review process by replying to reviews by advertising new features. Your browser was really snappy at first but with each new update it's becoming slower. If you continue will have to uninstall it.

Loads slow

Loads slow


Good app. Never lets me down

Creating Account/Linking Devices

Seems impossible to accomplish. I follow the instructions, get an error message-sign out then in again. Repeat. Follow the instructions, get an error message-sign out then in again. Repeat. Follow, etc. Repeat, Give up...

Best Ever... We have been partners for centuries

Always ends up with the best user-friendly software on the planet no matter what. Thank you for years of great technology I’ve been using to make a living with since the beginning ♥️😃

As Good as Safari

This app has been great. I love Microsoft rewards!

It's Decent

It works fine for pretty much everything, but definitely could use work on user friendliness.

Best Browser ever!

Been waiting for a long time for this. Love it!

Microsoft’s browser !

Microsoft’s Edge is fast/smooth and much better at scrolling on my phone than any other browser.

Best browser for iOS!

Edge for iOS on iPhone X is excellent!!

Pretty good

Minimal crashes and the UI is really friendly for using one hand

I wish I could love it again

I downloaded this app because I’m a bing rewards member, and thought it’d be easier to earn points with. I loved it at first, however, I am queen of open tabs, so the first time the app closed all my tabs out, I was pretty upset. The second time it happened, I was furious. Last night it did it yet again, and now I am done with the app. It was fun while it lasted. So long Microsoft edge!

Love Dark Mode

Dark mode for the win!

Great help

It’s been a great experience to continue using your medium to self serve my email , and communication purposes. It’s helpful, and user friendly in serving my utmost need

Don’t support iPod

Lots of notifications about connecting phone and PC, yet I can’t. Otherwise 5 stars.

Create new service

Tied up in its own underwear 🤬😡

It works

It works great for me!

Love it!!!!

Computer froze up; pulled edge up on iPhone. Love it!!!

Great app!

The app works great.


Crashes all the time on my iphone 7 plus!

Good app

I’m usually am pretty biased about my general apps and stick to Apple products, but this one’s pretty good. I love the convenience of sharing things between my laptop and phone, though I wished it could go both ways.

Great Browser

Just downloaded it right now. Love the Dark theme Using it on my IPhone 7 plus. 👌🔥


Although some of features are still missing but I am sure those will be available soon!

Responsive for daily use

I user this app daily and find it has become more responsive as updates and usage has progressed. As a Bing user I recommend!


Love it best app


Edge is painful like being constipated with bowels that also your stomach.

It’s unbelievable

I think it’s very good and useful.

Great browser but room for improvement

Great fast browser but needs improvements like anything in life. Pop up blocker could be stronger. And sometimes webpages just turn into a white screen and you have to force restart the browser.


Well done Microsoft. Snappy, familiar experience, dark theme, solid.

Add blocker plus 😍

This is the best thing ever possible in any browser add blocker. Love it!!!

Thanks for the reward points

I think the fact that I get Amazon gift cards just for searching. Right on!

Promising App, but...

I have to say, Microsoft has come a long way with this. At least now they are fully invested in making cross platform apps, like iOS. (The would gain even more credibility if they made Edge for Mac OS too.). Either way, this is a nimble little browser, and independent test show that it’s really fast in loading JavaScript. Now for the bad news, it’s not fully HTML5 compliant, and already I’ve seen some pages that don’t open correctly on it. Oh well, it’s a step in the right direction. And since Apple has abandoned Safari browser on Windows OS, Edge is one way to get my browsing history in sync between Windows and iOS. Microsoft: Apple: if you’re reading this, do you ever wonder why Google Chrome is crushing the competition, since Google supports their browser across ALL platforms Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android. Hint, hint.

Great browser!

Love it!!!

Best iOS browser.

Works flawlesslessly with my PC. LOVE IT! I recommend it for anyone looking for an option other than Safari.

Good overall browser

Nice browser.


Exactly the web browser I’m looking for.

Excelente navegador

Mi primera opción a la hora de navegar en la web desde mi iPhone, mi laptop o mi iPad. Rapidez, estabilidad, seguridad.

Great alternative to Safari.

I’m a Microsoft FanGirl, but since Microsoft dropped it’s SmartPhone line I had to go elsewhere. Having used an Android phone before, it honestly bored me to death with minutiae and once rooted, all the fun is gone. So, since I know the iOS experience by way of an iPad Mini, I hopped right aboard. I love having my Microsoft Account here with me on my iPhone and iPad, so I think it’s just a wonderful option for users heavily embedded in Microsoft Services. All the Microsoft Apps you can think of are available on iOS too. So step right up and Download Microsoft Edge. It’s my ‘go-to’ browser of choice and it’s great.


Some times (specially when page needs auto refresh) it hangs, you cant see controls (tab control for example) and you can not do anything untill exit and reenter

The best thing

The best


I’ve been using Edge on Win10 and enjoyed. This is so much better than IE. It’s good on iOS as well.

Clear but Bad Refresh

The web pages are very slow to refresh when you switch between apps or even between tabs. This makes the product unusable to me. iOS 10 on iPad. Keep trying. The screens are crisp, so far the only positive for me.

E app

Fastest app ever! Love it!


I love it.


Wonderful search engine and gives a lot more information.

It is about time!

I can’t believe how fast and snappy this works with my PC! The continuous viewing from iPhone to PC is fantastic!!! Nice to see two giant tech companies playing along and making everyone’s life easier! I really feel like Microsoft has been stepping up their game lately. I was less than impressed with initial launch of Windows 10 but I got to say I couldn’t imagine going back now with all the additional updates they have put out since! Making your I phone and PC communicate almost instantly for continuing browsing is just amazing! Great work to all who designed the app! Super clean, intuitive, and FAST! Keep it coming Microsoft! 👊

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