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Add Support for iPad!

Needs iPad support!

Better than chrome

Can't believe I'm saying this but MS seems to be getting it right this time with edge. Time for them to rise from the ashes of Balmers horrible decade of bad products.

Good app

Add the download video feature and hide it in

Not like the desktop app

The interface is outdated for iPad and looks and feels old and sluggish. I was excited for this app but it unfortunately just took up space. It doesn’t behave well with native iOS features and graphics were intended for a smaller device. It’s free, and if you use it on desktop then why not here? It just falls short to almost every other browser available for iPad.

History is not synced with other devices

Whenever i want to open a tab from history, it shows only the ones i viewed on this device. It’ll be very good to sync history between my iPhone and my Win10 laptop.


I have really been impressed with the Edge browser on iPhone and Windows 10. Microsoft has been knocking it out of the park with their mobile office apps. Microsoft Edge for iPhone is no exception to the rule!! Fast, sleek and smooth, it is a browsing experience that is worthy to replace Safari on my phone's app dock (and it has). I like the cortana integration as well. The Edge Browser has been getting increasingly more polished at a faster and faster rate. Microsoft is really blowing the pants of Chrome, Fire Fox, and other browsers. If I did not need Internet Explorer for business purposes Edge would be the only browser I would install; I would also say the same concerning Safari, it's boring, slow, buggy, and from this Windows user perspective and opinion, it's also counter intuitive in many ways. I've always loved the quality, design, and security of the Apple iPhone, I just think Microsoft has done the superior job of engineering powerful, stable, serious workhorse apps that excel in business and in personal use.


Love this app. Better than google chrome

Great app

I love the search engine

Chrome’s nice, though Edge masters intuition

I enjoy how Edge on my laptop lets me draw right on a webpage. I wish I could save my edits to the edit screen and access them whenever I choose to edit. Also, why is this browser recommended for people 17+? What, is Microsoft Edge too edgy? *badum-tish*


Its okay, needs more features and improvements. -need adblocker support or built in -need all websites to work -need to be faster -allow us to change homepage -make it faster and less buggy

Bookmark access belongs on the bottom not the top

The access to bookmarks should be at the bottom of the screen, where fingers naturally sit for most people when holding a phone. With the bookmark access at the top in Edge, I either have to really stretch my thumb or shift my hand. The easy solution is to replace the continue to my pc sitting on the bottom with bookmarks. I can't imagine people using that function more times a day than bookmarks.

Too slow

Well it is so slow on my computer it took ten minutes to load google i hate it my cpu was intel i7 VPro

Stupidest error/bug in the world for a 2017/18 smartphone

Ummm.. my very important accessibility feature of speaking the screen like MSN news articles when I swipe two fingers from the top will only read the stupid hypertext link bar and moving forward does not even continue to read any of the article this is the dumbest bug in the world please get your stuff together and I will upgrade to five stars Update: thank you very useful now I can consider the app, ONLY Thing that prevents it from being fully what I need is it to sync up to my edge browsers, already searching like crazy and no luck for probably iOS .. ok 2 1/2 upgrade for now but thank you for developing the speak screen feature it shows you care about the visual needs of people.

Navigating back a page is slow

I’ve been using this browser a lot and for the most part it works fine. The only bad thing I’ve seen is when trying to navigate back to a previous page. It is extremely slow in doing this and can be frustrating. If they fixed that then I would recommend this to others.

Freezes a lot and can’t navigate back

Embarrassing that a browser freezes on a back navigation all the time and requires a force close. Doesn’t matter if I use a back swipe or the app back button, both result in browser freezing up

All good but

Font is small when in mobile. Especially the web address.

Finally MS browers

Finally a Microsoft web browser besides Bing. The only thing missing is in dark mode. The dark theme keyboard should be used like the YouTube app. Just changing that will make it 5 stars. App is similar to desktop new feeds page. Great!

better than bing app

in an iphone 5 at any rate

Fast, intuitive

I have made the Edge browser my default choice for browsing. Since iOS doesn’t let us change default apps, I do it by habit, and embed where I can. It’s fast, easy to use, and now integrates with Outlook for iOS, which is my default e-mail, contacts, and calendar program. Outlook lets you choose you default browser in Settings, which had made using Edge so much more natural in my workflow, MS is working on an iPad release of Edge, which will be awesome. I am hoping for an easy way to grab open tabs from by iPhone, either in the New Tab options, ala Safari, or maybe something more proactive, like Send to Desktop, only Send to iPad, or Send to All. Give it a try for a couple of weeks...

Edge for the iPad is pathetic!

Why create an iPhone app and not put the same amount of work into the app for the iPad! REALLY! I use Edge on Windows 10 and it's great. iPhone app is also good. So what the hell happened?! I can't believe the you guys put out such a crummy iPad version. I use my iPad more than the iPhone and because I can't work in the iPad's version the whole reason for using Edge on Windows 10 is mute. I will look for another alternative.

Edge on iOS

I’m really liking this but I’d like it even more if I could access Edge on my iPad Pro in landscape mode. If possible, see what y’all can do about that...

Simply Awesome!!

This is by far one of the best browsers I have ever used! Light, well designed and customizable. Great job MS!

It won’t even let me login?!

I’ve been trying multiple times to log in, yes I log in with my number and everytime I press “Enter” on my keyboard or press “submit” it turns me right back over to the starting menu telling me to sign in. I do have a Microsoft account hooked up to it and it won’t even work! I’m extremely disappointed.

Great App! Thank you for adding the “Find In Page” feature

Thank you very much for adding the “Find In Page” feature. I have been requesting it for a while and the fact that they added it in the next update shows that they are improving the app a lot. Thank you for your time, -Hayden

Solid browser

I enjoy using Edge on my iPhone. Easier than Chrome or Safari, which I used previously. Work flow is more logical. Stable and fast.

Syncs favorites working fine now

Great job Tech team! They got the sync to work and it helps across all devices! Reading lists, bookmarks work great! Would like to be able to create folders and organize the bookmarks from the mobile end but for now, I’m just happy we have bookmarks. I can work around that. Edge is now officially my go to browser!

Seriously? This is finished?

Standard features on any browser that just fail here: sync bookmarks, doesn’t see other edge browsers on my account and I have multiple devices all using edge. I’ve tried really hard for months to like edge forcing myself to use only it but simple things like bookmarks never sync, the desktop browser forgets what tabs were open EVERY time I restart or I’m forced to restart. So I’m done. Back to google crash.

Back to my desktop

I feel like I’m back at my desktop or Surface Pro on my iPhone now. There was just so much missing, especially since I submit comments in the Wall Street Journal with this app. Now all the benefits of password memory, selecting, cutting/pasting, &editing are back! I love this app.

Great browser

I previously wrote a 5-Star review asking to fix the page viewing on iPhone 6s and above where you force touch a link and it gives you a preview like safari does it. They added it in the next update. Great dev team MS has for this project! Have no other issues. Great app that I now use as my daily driver, highly recommend!


Love this browser on my IPhone 7plus!

Nice app.

Safari could learn a few things from this app. Undeniably this is now my new search tool. Could have a few more features added to it. Kind of like how when you use siri to search a song for you, my siri is dumb as hell for some reason. Maybe that's too much to ask for though. Everyone should use edge. when you see it you'll drop bricks.

It's about time!!!

It's about time Microsoft is now hitting it out of the park with Edge for iOS. I love it... Works great... And now it's time to get Apple to allow system wide iOS default app selection so I can meet sure Edge and Outlook for iOS is used at ALL TIMES by all links within iOS!!!

God bless this app

I cant tell you how much this app means to me. I am sisabled and father of four aka poor lol. So i do my points everyday and so do my kids. Its a family affair. So i have used my points to get all my favorite gadgets and buy the wife a few things. My fav is my projector📽. It saves me more than 75% of the cost. My friends ask how my family ask how i say bing now Microsoft bless me. They are now doing them. No one believed me when i started but now they say i wish i started then. It dont matter when you started though cause its all the same for everyone. Other apps make it rediculous to make 5 dollars. this app you deff will in no time. I do like 3 diff apps like this so i get the rest of the 35% of the price of what i am buying and just pay shipping. God bless you all and microsoft thanks so much from me and family.

Ok for iPhone but not for iPad

I have been using edge in windows 10 and like it ok so I downloaded the app for my iPhone and iPad it works fine on my phone but my iPad it is next to useless especially in landscape mode and portrait is not much better the keyboard and top margins are way oversized the other features if you can see them work fine so until Microsoft get their stuff together I am sticking with Safari

One Jarring Issue

Compared to Chrome or Firefox, Edge feels pretty solid and can stand on its own. The only issue I have is that it feels somewhat jarring when the menu bar and URL bar appear when scrolling upward. The web page shifts abruptly when the menu bars appear, which is something Chrome and Safari don’t do. I absolutely prefer a web page that doesn’t shift when the menu bars pop up. I’d rather the page doesn’t shift at all when the menu bars appear. Although this is the only issue I have, it makes Edge pretty uncomfortable to use. This, two stars.

App doesn't work

Try to sign in and it doesn't do anything

Beautiful new look

Love the new look wish the desktop browser looked this good

Microsoft Edge Review

I love Edge and I think it’s a good browser. One issue I have is that I’ve changed my name since I’m transgender and my birth name still shows up. I don’t know if it has problems in updating the account name but hoping to see this fixed hopefully.

Ehhh safari is better

This is trash and who needs to bring a webpage to ur pc and nobody uses edge anyway on my pc I use chrome and on my phone I use safari and they are way better than this crap

Prefer it over Safari

I’m a Microsoft product user with the exception of my Phone, Apple TV, and iPad. So when I conduct business, I want to do so with a Microsoft product. This browser can sync passwords and favorites saved to your Microsoft account through the Microsoft Edge desktop app. I really like the familiar interface and browser speed. I highly recommend this app.

Edge = stable

Nice to have good browser for iOS. My only suggestion for edge is to have an iPhone & iPad version for a fuller screen format. Running on an iPad looks like the iPhone version compressed. Other than that very nice! Please make an iPad version! updated 2-26-18

Needs Windows Phone Features

Coming from Windows Phone/Mobile, I'd like to see the address bar at the bottom and a reading mode. Otherwise, I like generally like it. Especially the continue on PC feature.


Too slow to load a movie.


Good browser, though I would love to see Duck duck go as a default search engine as an option

Good app, few features missing

Edge is a very cool browser, super fast and very intuitive. Two things are missing IMO: 1. Ad blocker. 2. The option for a desktop style behavior with a traditional home page that opens when I start the app. I don't want to see the last page I visited! if it's something important I'll save it to my bookmarks. I want all the tabs to close when I exit the app and have a "fresh" start each time I open the app. This is the most annoying thing on all iOS browsers! Currently only Dolphin Browser allow this feature.

Works way better and faster than Safari!

I’m very impressed by Edge! :)

Surprisingly decent

Works fast and easily. Dark theme is great. But search results not so good and you can’t directly import favorites and passwords from your desktop. I use it for diversion but prefer Safari searching with Google.

Better browser

A much better browser than safari. I like that it syncs with windows 10.


Best browsing experience ever

Overall, great app

I really like Edge on my laptop, and so I decided to get it for my phone too. The only problems I have had is that nothing syncs from my Microsoft account like it told me it would. And that kinda bothers me, but other than that - it's a fast, intuitive browser.

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