Microsoft Edge App Reviews

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Finally, a browser that takes full advantage of iPhone 8

Amazing! That’s all I can say. I’ve used Safari and Firefox on this phone and neither can hold a candle to Edge. The speed and simplicity of the experience makes it feel as though it is the native browser on iOS!

Can't open all favorites in a folder with one button

It won't allow popups either even after disabling "Block popups"

Unwieldy, plain bing is better

The older bing app is friendlier, this one is a pain. Takes longer to find anything. I’ll stick with bing search thru won’t load anything but first screen, won’t scroll!!! Extra points only reason to open


iOS’ Microsoft Edge is lacking all the features it’s desktop version has. In particular the ability to set up a custom start page and custom search engines. I like my privacy and security as well and it IS impossible to browse anonymously with Microsoft Edge. I also demand Adblock features; where as this browser has none! I understand due to the infancy of this browser and third party development at their own pace it’s understandable, however, still unacceptable. I gave 2 stars because it is pleasant to look at and is a very pretty UI and also syncs with my Windows 10 machine. Those are the only things going for this browser. Get me my security and privacy Microsoft and I will use the browser; additionally instate a push to get Adblock support!


Love it! It’s so fast, simple and snappy.. can’t believe never heard of this browser

Best web security!

I have had issues with the security of Safari on some websites such as fandom wiki, where the intrusive pop for winning a gift card has been menacing. I've tried multiple approaches for resolving the pop up issue short of not using Safari at all, but came upon this app. Since then I haven't had a single pop-up or the residual effects of pop ups (such as glitches). Still not a fan of the desktop version, but for mobile use this is probably one of the best I've used in terms of intuitive design, security, and web browsing.

I like it more than Chrome

I hate the virtual agent. I despise bing but other than that, it’s fine. Not great

Great start

Great start, however needs iPad optimized as well. Other than that, it’s great!

Doesn't give rewards

I have a support ticket in on this matter. The Mobile Edge app does not give reward points. The Bing app does but ok matter how I search (from the Microsoft search box on the home page or by going to from the Microsoft home search page & searching from Bing. It doesn't work. They Bing app gives rewards just fine. The Mobil Edge app doesn't. And YES, in case you're wondering. I AM logged on. If things are fixed, I change my review to reflect it.

Not yet iPad ready - still an early iPhone app

Can wait to have an alternative to Chrome on iOS, Android and Win 10. This Edge is not very useful on an iPad, but it shows motion from Microsoft in the right direction. Waiting for more...

Slows down

I'm on iPhone 6s Plus iOS 9.3.3 and before this update or the previous update, Microsoft edge ran great, but now I see it's slowing down tremendously after a search or two, still on the bing search page it slows down a lot. And when I press the home button to exit out of edge, it take about 12-15 seconds before it'll exit or respond at all. Not cool, almost about to switch back to Safari.

Great app!

I like that I can start browsing on my iPad and continue on my PC laptop where I left off.

Problems, Problems, Problems

Freezes, Pop up Bogus Amazon giveaway pages, doesn't award full amount of Microsoft Search Rewards points. I'll leave this in my Hate file.

Great App! I love it :)

They finally released the new features to the public.

Good but I want more

Very smooth app, but there are a few things missing. I got the app to get Microsoft reward points, but I'm left wondering if I'm actually signed in and getting points sometimes, as it seems to sign you out every time you start on a new tab. If there was some sort of reward center built into the browser that would be cool. Also including Adblock and allowing this to be the default internet browser on iPhone.

Microsoft Edge for iOS

I like it...but keep improving it... Please add iOS link support so I can surf without Safari.

Edge iPhone app

Used it one day after installing it, sucked the battery dead in less that 2 hours. Does not reward bonus points as it should. Spoke with tech support about the issue and they know that there is problems, I guess they will fix it soon I hope.

My new Go-to Browser

I started using Edge more and more on my Microsoft Surface over Google Chrome and decided to give the IOS app a chance. I've deleted Chrome from my iPhone and haven't looked back!!!

Internet Explorer Improved

Don't believe in the meme that Microsoft Edge is lackluster compared to the other browsers. This app is very useful when using a PC and usually reliable. I find it to be good to my own productivity. It's worth a try!

A little buggy

It’s been my go-to browser since its release. My only complaint is that it freezes just for a few seconds when pressing the ‘back’ button. Other than that it’s as slick as it gets

IPad Pro 10.5 not supported

I expect more from Microsoft. I downloaded it for my new iPad. It doesn’t even fit the screen. It’s not even usable. I will probably delete until I see better reviews.

I really did like this app......

But I have one major problem that I has been driving me insane!!! While 3 or 4 times a day no matter what site I’m on I get a pop up in the middle on the screen that no matter it opens onto a screen saying I won some kinda Amazon Bs there’s no way for me to go back to the page I was because it continually cycles me right back!! 😡😡😡🤬😡🤬 I have to close out of the app and go back to where I was .... I was writing a yelp review and just as I was about to finish it.... 💥💥💥🤬🤬 I lost everything!!! So I had to delete the app!!! I’m just over it!!! It’s ridiculous!!!

Good but needs improvement

I like having the edge browser on iOS but it needs a few added features. First it needs the ability to sync bookmarks. I would also like to an iPad version that uses full screen instead of the iPhone app size. Make those upgrades and this would be an excellent app.

Good but bad

I like the look of the browser. It handles simple websites easily but when it attempts to load a larger and more detailed website it crashes and I have to wait the two minutes just to restart my phone. I decided to switch back to safari since it doesn't fail to load larger websites. I might try it again in a yea or two and I'll hope that it has improved

Can’t log out

I cannot log out of my account to sign in to my other outlook account. There’s no point in downloading this unless that’s fixed.

IPhone Awesome / iPad weird

I am grateful for this app. I am wanting same browser experience across all platforms to make accessing my favorite sites easier. Same with browsing history, and passwords. Thank you. Please continue and make an iPad version. The experience on the iPad is horrifying but I know this will get resolved soon.

Keeps signing me out

Decent enough browsing experience in general, but other way it automatically signs you out of your Microsoft account is a pain.

Only for the Win 10 MSFT faithful

If you want a true cross-platform browser (inc Mac), you get Chrome, Firefox, or Opera.

Great app!!!!

Please add support for iPad

Update for ipad

Please update it for ipad To fit to ipad screen I am waiting Thanks

Thank you for this App

Could you tell me when we will get this app on iPad it looks really great 👍🏻


Needs some improvement to get to the level that Windows 10 browser is at, but it’s a good start.

Pretty fast but no reading mode

I was hesitant to use edge browser bcz I thought it cannot be faster than the native Safari. I tried it out and it looks noticeably faster than Safari, particularly for reading blogs and news. But I’m not able to enable ‘reading mode’. Edge has it on Windows 10 but I do not see how to use it on iOS. Please add that feature.

Fast and Light

The mobile version is great, but please brings Edge and Cortana for the Bulgarian region. Why is restricted only for USA?

Pop out disable

It no possible to disable pop out even the bottom is off, overall the app is good

Getting better every release!

Love the minimalistic UX. Edge is my browser now in the dock. Love that it syncs passwords from desktop. Please open Edge from Outlook from other Microsoft apps, just like how Google prompts to use chrome. Also, just get rid of managed browser and let Edge become default browser when using protected data in Outlook work email.

Works well.

Edge works well and is layer out quite functionally. I enjoy it over Firefox and Opera. Its unfortunate that Apple forces browsers to all use the same underlying engine, or we would see even more functionality probably.

Works like any other browser

Everyone seems to hate Edge for no particular reason other than it’s cool to hate on Edge. It works perfectly fine, and does more than safari does. Plus, Microsoft rewards are built in.

cannot log on

bad cannot log on

So far, so good...Wow it's fast!

May do update later.......

Getting Through the Muck of the Cyber World

Microsoft did for iPhone what Sprint couldn’t accomplish with Magic Box! It is like coming out of a choke-hold. The smooth transition from phone to browser is a life/save and many times, instant gratification. I am so relieved to navigate without constant vigilance about potential threats! Thanks Microsoft.

Almost there

I would immediately switch from Chrome to Edge across all devices if it synced my favorites, history, etc across them as well. I hear it’s in the works but right now I need my profile to follow me, just like Chrome.

رائع مايكروسوفت

أرجو فقط اضافة الترجمة على المواقع

iPad Support

Will this ever have iPad support

Stable & Fast

Edge has now become my default browser on the phone. In a lot of ways it's better than the PC version. Now with LastPass support there is no going back!

Needs adblock extension

I really want to switch to using this app on my phone but I refuse to until they add adblock support. In this day and age is a requirement for mobile browsing if you value battery life or network bandwidth. They just added support for a few extensions in this release so why not add ublock support already?

Fast browser, lightweight, smooth

I love this browser on my iPhone 7 Plus but Microsoft PLEASE MAKE THIS IPAD-FRIENDLY! Then I will give this a 5 star rating. Thanks! :) New update, still no iPad format support - Boo!!!

No Office 365 corporate account support

Desperately needs log in support for corporate Office 365 users

Low power and fast!

A great jump in change!

Good first start but

This really needs to support iPad for the browser. I really don’t know why this would not be submitted as a universal app to support full screen on the iPad.

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