Microsoft Edge App Reviews

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Better than you think it is.

Edge is a fine browser, and while it may seem like an odd choice, it’s worth a try.


Y’all are getting there.

More in depth

Would like in depth details or another link to get more info

Doesn’t let me login!

I set up a new pc, tried to connect to my pc using my iPhone and it won’t let me login to my Microsoft account. I typed my email & pw, click enter or submit, it showed the loading ring and stopped. It stuck in that screen. So now I can’t connect my iPhone to my windows PC.

Microsoft edg

Oprea is og hail oprea


I thought Edge was free? Why the Apple change in charges on a credit card?


Interfaz simple y amigable. Rápido en navegación y carga de contenido multimedia.

Super slow searching

After iOS 12 release


This sight is a refreshing easy to navigate and search with positive results

Well done

Great app

Good browser. Bad Apple.

This is the best browser in the app store but its usefulness is limited because Apple doesn't give you a choice and set your default browser. So, when you open a link from another app, it always opens in Safari. So so annoying. Every other operating system on the planet (including android, windows, and Mac) let you set a default of your own choosing.

Works well for those with a Microsoft account.

I use this because I have a Microsoft account and it helps me earn more points by using it. Works as well as any other search engine.

Burns battery in iOS 12

Could be the OS itself, but Edge shows high battery usage.


I’m extremely disappointed that all I get on my newsfeed is MSN. Total fake news

Amazing Design

Very easy and simple to navigate with my news feed.

Awesome with minor flaw

Love everything about it except it’s not good on cellular data connections when searching through the interface as it queries and freezes the UI after each character entered. On faster connections the UI freezing isn’t noticeable. Haven’t seen this bad of UI freezing during input since the Windows 3.1 days. Also a demerit for continually asking me to rate.

Great App! Needs macOS Support

It would be nice to have continuity from Mac to iPad... Microsoft already has office on mac... bring Edge browser to Mac!


Better than safari

Nice and smooth browsing

I like this browser. It's nice and smooth browsing.

Stop asking for reviews every time I use the app

I bet you'd get better reviews if so. Updated, still bugging me for more bad reviews. Stop asking.


Simple and direct information.

Best browser on all phone platforms. No frills and no nonsense.

I used Edge for a long time and on being forced to use an iPhone I set it up to be my main browser. Just love it.

Great App!

Works well on Mac or PC!

Edge randomly closes all open tabs

I’ve been using Edge since launch on my iPad Pro. I’m also a Windows user, so I wanted it to succeed and have been patient. However, at random intervals, Edge closes all my open tabs and I get a blank page forcing me to start from scratch. In my experience, none of the other major browsers do this. Was hoping this bug would be fixed in one of the numerous updates, but happened again today after several days of hopeful stability. Uninstalling out of frustration.

Love Edge on iPhone

Fast, fluid, easy to use.

Excellent browser

Really enjoy using the Edge browser of iOS.

Pretty good browser but still not as cool as safari

Clean and neat interface.


Just wish I could set as my default



رائع مايكروسوفت

أرجو فقط اضافة الترجمة على المواقع

Bothers you for reviews constantly

Browser is fine, but the dang thing begs for a review two times a day.


Funny that Edge works better than Safari on iPhone but not as good on Windows 10. It’s getting there though. I wish I could make it the default browser.

Still some issues

There are still some issues, but it’s coming along well. I almost never rate software that still has bugs with 4 stars. Keep up the good work and get those bugs squashed. I would love to up it to 5.

Last update was huge improvement

I kept wanting to like edge on iOS but was just never in love with it. This last update has put me over the top. First, it’s extremely fast compared with earlier versions. Also, something seems cleaner with this version. I do have one site I go to that’s still s little slow but vastly improved on speed and that’s daily mail.

Fast, beautiful, and easy

The performance is amazing, it works better than any other mobile browser. I highly recommend using it. Also love the feature that lets you continue on your other devices including desktop.

Michel Schoen 3

I kinda like that I can be on the go, and still have my computer.. But on my phone. Great app guys!! Keep it up...

More for mobile

I want to be able to take notes, save pages for later like in the desktop and also go from computer to phone and not just phone to computer.

So far, so good

Switched from Chrome to Edge and the response time difference proved that Edge is better BUT it drains my battery much faster than Chrome 😕

Needs improvement

The app keep asking for location, and always acting up.

Resistant Hypertension

Very well taught, valuable and thought provoking.

Needs updating/ better troubleshooting.

I just got a new computer and wanted to link my phone to it. Installed the edge app on my phone. Signed in once fine, next time it wouldn’t let me sign in. Signed in and out as instructed and still didn’t work. Went to troubleshooting and did what they said. Worked one time and then got the same message. Very frustrated !!

Can not login

Cannot sign in to Microsoft. Just spins and makes me try and login again. The whole point of the app is to sign in and use between devices but this app does not allow. Such a disappointment.

"Open in new tab" removed.

No browser has any value if it can't even open to a new tab.

Stellar browser

I’m simply impressed with the speed, intuitiveness, layout, and extensions. I like Google and Chrome too, but this Edge browser has the “edge” in my book. 😉


Love the app. Syncs perfectly with edge on windows 10.

Excellent browser

Can’t believe Microsoft made such a good browser. Better than safari and Firefox.

Horrible app

I downloaded edge to link my phone and laptop. I couldn't actually sign into my microsoft account in edge on my phone.

Worthless epub reader

Purchased a book at MS store and tried to read it on ios version of edge but once I log in to store it tries to open book in App Store. Chrome is significantly better as is Firefox.

Download this app for real

Good for anyone

Not as buggy as safari

Not as buggy as safari

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